p≡p Security SA and p≡p Security AG


The p≡p security partners are responsible for B2C / B2B business – they are created to be profitable and help to spread p≡p technology in markets, starting with the B2B area:

  • The activist / political goal of this approach is the spread of privacy through encryption.
  • The egoistic / capitalistic goal of this approach is to make money.

The B2C entity is based in Switzerland: pEp Security AG.

The B2B entity is based in Luxembourg: pEp Security SA.

The corporations are funded by means of investors (mainly by shares and subsidies) and pursue clear commercial goals and priorities. People working for the corporations are all employed.

p≡p security has three main projects:

  • p≡p for Android
  • p≡p for iOS
  • p≡p for Outlook

Particularly, p≡p security takes into account the situation of and integration of p≡p into business environments, which requires a variety of features which for end-users are not so relevant.

p≡p Foundation


p≡p Cooperative


The p≡p cooperative (European SCE) has the purpose to create end-user tools (also for niche areas) and with an emphasis on citizens to practice self-defense; it also acts politically (together with other groups).

The cooperative has no commercial interests, it’s community-focused and funded by its members (through membership with co-ownership).

Additional websites

The different domains help to aggregate both news and materials which belong to both entities and are interesting for both: e. g. business and community audiences (including journalists) alike.

Domain Entity Purpose
pep.coop p≡p Cooperative (SCE) Main presence of the cooperative with memberships.
pep.security p≡p Security AG & SA Main presence of the business parts (AG & SA).
pep.software p≡p Security AG & SA This crossover site contains just the necessary references to get p≡p in just binary form for the different platforms supported. A video for each platform is available showing off the application.
pep.foundation p≡p Foundation Main presence of the foundation.
pep.community p≡p Foundation Just every reference allowing for users and journalists to learn more about and interact with p≡p folks can be put specifically here, including such to websites, social media profiles, chats and forums (we run and are present in), mailing lists, mail or IM addresses and phone numbers to reach a p≡p responsible.
pep.news p≡p Foundation This site is about news concerning p≡p which are either from ourselves or by third-party (including blogs or newspapers). News of all p≡p entities are aggregated here, related blog posts are shown, newspaper articles are made available (archive function) and also video or audio (podcast) coverage is reflected.