Presentation Framework

Presentation Framework

The common examples used in development showcase is “Alice”, “Bob” and “Charlie”. For external communication, e.g. in presentation showcases, there is need for a consistent communication framework, which is hereby set up.

These accounts are strictly not used for testing!


the content/text does not

  • talk about encryption, the company or the handshaking
  • contain the words “key”, “encryption”, “security”, “safety”, “lock”, “interception”, “surveillance” etc.
  • show relation to social media platforms

The content in example content should fictionally talk about arbitrary, personal topics without relation to mass surveillance, agencies, data retention etc. nor it should rely not point to existing social media platforms in any way.
People using the Communication Framework are advised to watch the Film “Blade Runner” before doing so.


The primary identities are adapted from the film “Blade Runner”.

Avatar Name Nick Mail Birthday S/N Gender Nature pEp/GPG Specs pEp status Rachael pEp status Rick pEp status Leon pEp status Pris
Bear Bear Bear - - male Puppet none Grey Grey Grey Grey
Bryant Bryant Bryant - - male Human pEp Police Captain Yellow Green Yellow Yellow
DavidHolden David Holden Holden - - male Human pEp Blade Runner Yellow Green Yellow Green
EldonTyrell Dr. Eldon Tyrell - - - male Human both scientist, businessman Green Green Yellow Grey
Gaff Gaff Gaff - - male Human pEp myserious, Blade Runner Yellow Grey Yellow Green
HannibalChew Hannibal Chew - - - male Human pEp scientist Green Green Yellow Yellow
JFSebastian J.F. Sebastian - - - male Human none geneticist Grey Grey Grey Grey
Kaiser Kaiser Kaiser - - male Puppet none Grey Grey Grey Grey
LeonKowalski Leon Kowalski - 10th April 2017 - male Replicant (physical A, mental C) pEp simply violent Yellow Green Green Yellow
Pris Priscilla Stratton Pris - N6FAB21416 female Replicant (physical A, mental B) pEp “pleasure” model, manipulates human males Red Red Red Green
Rachael Rachael Rachael - - female Replicant pEp develops own emotions, rebels Green Green Yellow Green
RickDeckard Rick Deckard Rick - - male ?? pEp dreams of electric sheep, Blade Runner, kills Androids Green Green Green Yellow
RoyBatty Roy Batty Roy 6th January 2016 N6MAC41717 male Replicant (Class A) GPG leader Nexus 6 Red Red Yellow Green
Zhora Zhora Zhora - N6FAB61216 female Replicant (physical A, mental B) pEp dancer Green Green Yellow Grey



  • Window size is 1600x900