Presentation Framework

Presentation Framework

The common examples used in development showcase is “Alice”, “Bob” and “Charlie”. For external communication, e.g. in presentation showcases, there is need for a consistent communication framework, which is hereby set up.

These accounts are strictly not used for testing!


the content/text does not

  • talk about encryption, the company or the handshaking
  • contain the words “key”, “encryption”, “security”, “safety”, “lock”, “interception”, “surveillance” etc.
  • show relation to social media platforms

The content in example content should fictionally talk about arbitrary, personal topics without relation to mass surveillance, agencies, data retention etc. nor it should rely not point to existing social media platforms in any way.

Example e-mail conversations from the perspective of Nick:

Fabian to Nick
Subject: Great job

Hi Nick,
Well presentation of our project today. I think the clients liked it a lot and got a nice overview on what we’re doing. One more thing: Could you please follow-up with them tomorrow to make sure we stay in touch? Regards,

Violet to Nick, Gina, Fabian

Subject: Minutes meeting

Please find the minutes to our last meeting attached.


Gina to Violet, Nick, Fabian

Subject: Meeting today!

Dear everyone,

Please find today’s meeting’s agenda items below. If you have anything to add, please do.

1. Introduction

2. Update on ongoing projects

3. Decision on new projects

4. Timeline

5. Action points

See you later!

Arnold to Nick

Subject: Photos of the event

Hi Nick,

Thanks for the photos of the event on Thursday.

They are very nice – I think we should promote them in an upcoming newsletter. Could you forward them to Gina and make sure that they are featured big in the campaign?

Kind regards,


RE from Nick to Arnold:

Thank you! Yes sure, I´ll forward it directly.



FWD from Nick to Gina:

Hey Gina,

Please find the photos of Thursday attached, and the request from Arnold to use them in the campaign.



Liana too Nick

Subject: Demo

Hello Nick, 

 I’m preparing for a demo for the board of an American enterprise. Could you please send me an up-to-date slide deck for that purpose? 


Emma to Nick

Subject: Lunch


Lunch was great. We should do that more regularly. I suggest we schedule a monthly lunch meeting. What do you say?

As for the proposal, I’m very happy with your changes and I’m sure that this fits the customer’s wishes much better.

Have a good afternoon. I’m looking forward to meeting you again soon.

Best wishes,


RE Nick to Emma

Hi Emma,

It was great meeting you for lunch.

Following our brief discussion on the new proposal, I reviewed the options again. Attached, you now find the updated version. Can you provide me with a feedback next week?

Thank you.


RE Emma to Nick

Yes, I will send you feedback next week!

Enjoy your weekend,


Ana to Nick

Subject: Collaboration

Good afternoon,

Arnold told me you are working on the new investment project and suggested I could assist you with this. What do you think?

Kind regards,


Eric to Nick

Subject: Feedback


Could you please pass by my office, I could use some feedback on a case.

Thank you,


RE Nick to Eric

Sure, I´ll pass by as soon as I can!



RE Eric to Nick

Appreciate it, see you!

Maxim to Nick

Subject: New projects

Hi Nick,

When would you be available to discuss some new projects?

See you soon!



The primary identities are all fictional and chosen to represent a broad variety of different people.

Avatar Name Mail Gender pEp/GPG Role pEp status Nick. pEp status Emma. pEp status Eric. pEp status Ana.
Ana Ana female pEp Accountant Grey Grey Grey Green
Arnold Arnold male pEp Marketing Yellow Green Yellow Yellow
Emma Emma female pEp Customer Relations Yellow Green Yellow Green
Eric Eric male both entrepreneur Green Green Green Grey
Fabian Fabian male pEp Team manager Yellow Grey Yellow Green
Gina Gina female pEp Marketing Green Green Yellow Yellow
Liana Liana female none General manager Grey Grey Grey Grey
Maxim Maxim male none Designer Grey Grey Grey Grey
Nick Nick male pEp Content Manager Green Green Green Yellow
Violet Violet female pEp Copywriter Green Green Green Green