Software Development/Traffic Light Semantics/p≡p privacy rating


This page outlines the main translation strings that are shared (or planned to be shared) by p≡p implementations. These translations are stored in the engine and can be retrieved using their corresponding ID listed below.

Please note:

  • Only English language versions of the translations are shown on this page. However, the engine will support many different languages.
  • This document is not a master of the translation strings. The master translations are maintained in source code.
  • The comment shown in the below tables is only for a description/note. This does not exist in the code.

Privacy Ratings

Text Explanation Suggestion Comment
ID String ID String
- Under Attack - This message includes a communication partner that has previously been marked as mistrusted.
- Mistrusted - This contact is mistrusted and might be an attack by a man-in-the-middle.
- Unknown - This message does not contain enough information to determine if it is secure.
- Cannot Decrypt - This message cannot be decrypted because the key is not available.
- Unsecure - This communication is not secure.
- Unsecure for Some - This message is unsecure for some communication partners.
- Unreliable - This message has unreliable protection.
- Secure… - This contact is secure.
- Secure & Trusted - This contact is completely trusted. All communication will be the maximum level of privacy.


  • The pEp_rating_b0rken rating does not have a translation string. It shows as blank in the UI.

Common Messages

ID String Comment
- You’re about to forward a secure message as unsecure. If you choose to proceed, confidential information might be leaked putting you and your communication partners at risk. Are you sure you want to continue? Warning for when a yellow/green mail is forwarded and outgoing color is NoColor/Red
- In order to make the communication with this communication partner Secure & Trusted, you will have to compare the Trustwords below with this communication partner and ensure they match yours. Explanation text when completing a handshake
- Make this communication partner secure and trusted by comparing the trustwords below with them, for example by making a phone call. Label above trustwords when completing a handshake

Button Text

ID String Comment
- Reject For the handshake dialog
- Confirm For the handshake dialog
- Cancel For the handshake dialog